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Ichika Yuno | Manga Artist Interview

Ichika Yuno | Manga Artist Interview

An exclusive interview with an incredibly talented mangaka well-known for their breathtaking fantasy manga series “Lullaby of the Dawn” is now on the website. Find out more about the artist’s career path, sources of inspiration, and more~ ☺️

“I love to paint!”, “I want to be good at drawing!”… When did you first feel that? How did it all start?

I think I was around five when I began to draw. Because paper and pens were the only playthings we had at home, drawing was my main entertainment. Also, my parents always praised my drawings, so I genuinely enjoyed spending time drawing.

What was the first character you drew?

It probably was Sailor Moon. Or Godzilla.

When did you feel the urge to draw BL manga?

I remember one time I was searching the Internet for some images of my favorite character when I stumbled upon a BL fanfiction website. That was a turning point.

Is your manga usually born from the story?
Or do characters come to your mind first?

I think I come up with a plot first.

What are the moments you enjoy the most when creating manga?

I like the storyboarding process. Besides the storyboarding, I enjoy the moments when I feel my drawings came out even better than expected.

What is the most challenging part when creating manga?

The entire drawing process.

What parts are you most particular about when creating characters?

I pay much attention to facial features and always try to create characters with distinctive face structures so they can be easily distinguished.

What do you prefer to do when drawing manga?

I tend to spend time on T*itter. Somebody, please, remove the app from my devices, seriously!

What does creating manga mean to you?

The only thing I never get tired of.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Many various things inspire me. It can be anything – other people’s works or books, the sceneries I’ve seen, conversations, or emotions. Anything.

What works have you read/watched/listened to recently that have left a deep impression on you?

“The Rescue” – a documentary about the Thai cave rescue in 2018. It is truly a miracle.

Is there anything you have been obsessed with these days?

Eyelash treatments. They do stimulate lash growth! I was impressed!

Out of all BL character types, what is your favorite one?

Tan-skinned characters.

What is your favorite couple pairing in BL?

I don’t have any specific preferences.

“If I weren’t a mangaka, I would be…”

Drawing manga is the only thing I’m good at, so I’d probably be dead. 

As a reader, what are your favorite story settings?

I love stories of any kind.

What do you think about the rising popularity of BL outside Japan?

I’ve read “Heartstopper” – what a fascinating story! I’d love to read more works from different countries.

Please leave a message to your fans.

I’m sure I’ll be able to create an exciting ending for my manga. Although it’s still pretty far, I’d be grateful if you would keep supporting me! I always appreciate your warm and kind support!