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Tomo Serizawa | Manga Artist Interview

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This month we present you the interview with Tomo Serizawa – the creator of a historical BL romance manga called “Scarlet Secret.” Highly rated in Japan, it also has been capturing overseas manga fans’ eyes and vibrating their hearts with a mysterious atmosphere and stunning graphics. Learn more about what the artist enjoys in manga creation.🤗

“I love to paint!”, “I want to be good at drawing!”… When did you first feel that? How did it all start?

I have been drawing since I was a child, so to be honest, I do not remember well the first time such thoughts came to my mind.

Is your manga usually born from the story?
Or do characters come to your mind first?

In my case, both the story and the characters are born at the same time. It looks like a movie playing in my head.

What are the moments you enjoy the most when creating manga?

I enjoy the work of coming up with new ideas for my stories, and also the moment when putting the finishing touches on my work, these both are some kind of treat for me.

What is the most challenging part when creating manga?

As I spend most of the day sitting, sometimes it can be tough physically.

What parts are you most particular about when creating characters?

Character’s skeleton and silhouette.

What do you prefer to do when drawing manga?

I usually listen to the radio or any video when drawing in black and white, while prefer to listen to music when coloring.

What does creating manga mean to you?

I was told once that it is like “blood”, and I think it is true for me.

Where do you get inspiration from?

When daydreaming about something.

What works have you read/watched/listened to recently that have left a deep impression on you?

The Korean drama called “Squid Game.”

Out of all BL character types, what is your favorite one?

A handsome, elegant man.

As a reader, what are your favorite story settings?

I like gut-wrenching stories.

What do you think about the rising popularity of BL outside Japan?

I would like it to keep growing and becoming known even more.

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Nice to meet you, my name is Tomo Serizawa. I’m very happy if my works could inspire you to start reading Japanese BL manga.