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Eiji Nagisa | Manga Artist Interview

Eiji Nagisa interview BL-mangaka

Eiji Nagisa’s works always surprise and amaze with their hotness and spiciness! “Jealousy Blinds Love” is a nice example. A love story saturated with an excellent balance of spicy bitterness and pleasant sweetness… Along with the artist’s interview, it could warm you and keep you company during this autumn season. Hope you’ll enjoy it!🤗

“I love to paint!”, “I want to be good at drawing!”… When did you first feel that? How did it all start?

The thought came to me for the first time when I felt the desire to draw illustrations for my favorite manga.

What was the first character you drew?

It was Nami – a character from the manga “One Piece.”

When did you feel the urge to draw BL manga?

Unfortunately, I can’t remember it well… but probably, there wasn’t any particular reason.

Is your manga usually born from the story?
Or do characters come to your mind first?

I always start creating manga from the story. As for the characters, I just try to be careful about their faces so that each one’s facial features remain recognizable throughout the story.

What are the moments you enjoy the most when creating manga?

The moment when I have finished storyboarding (naming) is my favorite!

What is the most challenging part when creating manga?

It’s the part when I’m inking my pencil sketches. Sometimes it seems never-ending. Usually, I tend to fall into this kind of state when there are around 10-20 panels left to be done.

What parts are you most particular about when creating characters?

Mouths. I also pay attention to poses, so that they look natural.

What do you prefer to do when drawing manga?

I usually listen to music while drawing.

What does creating manga mean to you?

For me, it’s like a one-person filmmaking.

Where do you get inspiration from?

In most cases, I get inspiration from movies, sometimes from the soundtracks for movies, too.

What works have you read/watched/listened to recently that have left a deep impression on you?

I would pick “Dick Johnson Is Dead”, “The Terminal”, and “Annihilation.”

Is there anything you have been obsessed with these days?

I like to work out!

Out of all BL character types, what is your favorite one?

My TOP three would be a puppy-like boy, a playboy, and an effeminate boy.

What is your favorite couple pairing in BL?

I don’t have any particular favorites, but I found a tsundere top cute.

“If I weren’t a mangaka, I would be…”

I think I would be a classic office worker. I used to work at the office before becoming a manga artist.

As a reader, what are your favorite story settings?

I love comedies and bittersweet stories.

What do you think about the rising popularity of BL outside Japan?

I’m always thinking of reading works created by artists from various countries.

Please leave a message to your fans.

I would like to create different kinds of BL! Thank you very much for your continuous support!