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Jealousy Blinds Love

Kirino is a pianist who feels he has reached the limit of his talent and is spending his days in depression. That’s why he invites his talented younger colleague to have sex with him, toying with his feelings of admiration and love.

He feels somewhat fulfilled, letting out his distorted jealousy inside Takase, who was trembling with anticipation. Kirino gets self-complacent because Takase does whatever he tells him to do, but he’s also getting more and more dependent on him…

A BL story of darkness and light melting together.

ShuCream Editor’s corner

The official English version of talented top and gifted bottom’s codependent love, a mixture of jealousy and affection, is now available digitally!
The sharply depicted contrast between a devastated talented guy and a late-blooming gifted boy and the way they’re getting obsessed with each other will surely make your heart beat faster! Enjoy this love story of salvation to your heart’s content!

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