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Our Secretary’s Bedroom Affairs

He left love behind, and using his body was the only way to connect he knew.

A loving, loyal doggy-like top wants to save a debauched upper-class secretary and teach him how to love.

Saeko Mikuni, a secretary to the president of a major trading company, is rumored to have more real power than his boss, and to turn into a slut at night.

One day, on a whim, Mikuni takes on the responsibility of cleaning up the mess made by Teppei Natsume, a hot-blooded big dog-like rookie who has just joined the company.

He intends to do it with his specialty: sexual entertainment for his bosses or important clients.

It was supposed to be a secret, but Natsume catches him in the act.

Mikuni, to avoid any trouble, tries to seduce him, but Natsume senses the sadness in Mikuni’s eyes and reaches out to him: “I want to save you”…

ShuCream Editor’s corner

Just a quick peek will be enough to get hooked by this lewd and hot bottom! The story of love and salvation of two young men with opposite characters – the puppy-like jock top and lascivious elite bottom – will make your heart full of happiness after you have read it. Enjoy this dramatic romance full of spiciness and sweetness!

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