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Leo’s host life is in peril!
The Secret Boyfriend Revelation Arc begins!

“How can I prove that I love you?” Leo and Takahiro, who are 10 years apart, are a couple working in separate night clubs. After bridging the gap between being straight and being gay, Leo feels their love has deepened, but a customer tells his boss he has a relationship with Takahiro, and Leo gets relegated to a brothel catering for women.

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems that Takahiro, who should have quit his job as a rent boy, had sex with a “special man.” In distress, Leo lets his feelings out and confronts Takahiro, but he replies “You can’t sell your body!” and shuts his mouth with a kiss…?

ShuCream Editor’s corner

The second volume of the love story between Leo and Takahiro is now available in English! This time, they both have to face the problem that inevitably occurs at work. What kind of answer do they finally find after struggling? The sweetness, sexiness, and pain of love are over the limit in this volume! You will surely get pleased with this manga filled with what you can expect from a good romance♡

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