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Under My Skin

“How did you manage to hide this lewdness under that suit?”

Kudo is a successful elite office worker, but he’s always been regretting he didn’t know real love.
When he meets younger – but daring and intriguing – carpenter Sato, he finds himself unable to resist the pleasure of being possessed by a man, even though, as a supposedly straight man, he feels he should find it demeaning. But, Sato doesn’t hide that he’s serious about Kudo, and pushes him to go one step beyond the tentative, fake relationships he’s tried to build with women until now…?!
A grown-up first love story, vividly awaking the feelings you discover when you seriously fall for someone for the first time in your life.

ShuCream Editor’s corner

This grown-up first love story, which is making discover your true self, is too cute to handle! While the bottom, Kudo, is confused about the feeling he never knew, he cannot help but get attracted to the top, Sato. These guys’ love story is depicted carefully with much sexiness. If you like an innocent but mature story, this is perfect for you~

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