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I Will Never Fall in Love with an Egoist

“No… I can’t believe it feels so good.”

Aohara is a playboy with foreign blood and beautiful blue eyes. Life is an everlasting summer and there’s no rest for the horny, especially for a top like him.
Then a guy called Masaki falls in love with him and pursues him relentlessly. The problem is, Masaki wants to be the top and make Aohara be the bottom. Even though Masaki is a playboy too, he’s friendly and soft-spoken, so Aohara is having a hard time trying to fend off his advances.
But, eventually, it’s Aohara that ends up kissing Masaki on a drunken night. Aohara’s virgin land gets soaked in pleasure when Masaki seizes the opportunity to give him a passionate deep kiss that makes his whole body shiver…?!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

Can the playboy, who is usually a top, preserve his virginity from the hot and friendly but beast-like top!? This erotic and passionate seesaw love game is just for you! Love at first sight that is changing into a true one, the characters that are breaking away from their past selves… This manga is full of exciting dramas that won’t leave anyone cold~😎

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