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Hatsujo Playroom

“I can’t believe this is getting me excited.”

Even after 10 years, Moriya can’t get over his unrequited love for former high school classmate Tsujimura. In spite of that, he has a sexual relationship with his boss, Nanamiya, who knows about his feelings. Tsujimura joins their company, and he and Moriya meet again after so long.
Nanamiya whispers to Moriya – who is confused by the feelings he should have given up – saying: “If you’d like to confess your feelings to him, I’ll lend you a hand.” Moriya dismisses it as a joke, but the same night the office suddenly goes out of power and he gets trapped alone with Tsujimura.
On the monitor, the words: “If you wish to leave, then you must follow the orders given.” What was a light touch at first, gradually becomes more and more sexually intense.
“I can’t do this…” Moriya’s thoughts can’t help him to resist the passion and the pleasure Tsujimura’s giving him…

ShuCream Editor’s corner

If you like a “sex dungeon” and a love triangle, you should definitely read this! The commands which are getting more and more sexually intense will make your heart pound as hard as the characters’. You should see how the first love they both could not give up is going to end with your own eyes~

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