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Rooming with My Two Lovers

What happens if a bartender ex-boyfriend (top) x hairdresser (top) x band-man (bottom) do a threesome…?!
3 men in the “top 3 professions you shouldn’t date” in a house-sharing love triangle…?!

I’m Atsushi, an easily influenced, struggling musician.
My hairdresser, Shiki, asked me: “Why don’t you come to live with me and my friend?”
He isn’t just good at his job, he also knows how to make me feel pampered even when I try to play tough, so I’m attracted to him.

But, his friend turns out to be my ex-boyfriend, Enraku.

I was madly in love with him, but he betrayed me and I never wanted to see him again…

“Do you hate me so much…?” he’s pushing me against the wall, and I’m about to get overpowered, but…!!?

ShuCream Editor’s corner

The hit work of Anji Seina – the brilliant author of threesome BL manga – is now officially published digitally in English! In this slapstick love comedy, two tops scramble for the bottom’s love that your heart will surely skip a beat! Moreover, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a sweet threesome in which they get melted together into one to your heart’s content ♡ The best choice for the night when you want to feel hot~😳

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