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The Man Who Shattered My World

Tachibana is a top, and loves cute and slender men. But, just when he thought he wanted to try something different, he meets Kuzumi. Tachibana believes him when he says he’s a bottom, and they go to a hotel room together. When he finally realizes there’s something strange going on, Kuzumi tells him with a devilish smile: “I like to turn guys like you into bitches on heat…”.

The merciless pleasure received from a suddenly changed man… it doesn’t take long for Tachibana to let go of his reason.

Top x top BL love story swaying between pride and desire!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

This will be the best BL for you if you are dying to see the moment when a top is changed into a bottom irresistibly! The bottom is so cute that your heart pounds fast especially when he is swayed by the sadistic top and loses himself in a strong desire to be held by the top. Do not miss the hottest love battle between the two tops!😃

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