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The Fallen Alpha

“If I ‘d never met you, I’d still be an alpha…”

Raie is a beautiful prince with pure alpha blood who lives a life of freedom without a mate. He loves beautiful things, and when he met a pretty young boy named Keisuke Sakaki 10 years ago, Raie decided that he will join his harem when he grew up, so when they parted he promised that he would definitely come for him.

Time passes, and when Raie picks up Keisuke at the age of 18, he is no longer a pretty boy, but a big young man with one of the strongest masculine auras among the alpha males. Raie is shocked, but he gets even more shocked when Keisuke suddenly goes on alpha heat in front of him.

He bites the nape of Raie’s neck and tells him “Now you’re my mate…” Although alphas are not supposed to become mates, Raie’s body gets out of control like he was an omega…?

A gender switch omegaverse story about a possessive alpha student and a haughty Arab prince!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

Have finally reunited after a decade apart… and everything goes crazy?! The life-changing omegaverse BL, in which a sole bite made the gears of fate start moving, is now available in English!
The noble prince who used to be an “alpha” but got changed into an “omega” by the persistent and possessively jealous younger top. Their relationship will surely make you shiver with excitement and pleasure♡ Take joy in reading this dramatic story!

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