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Lullaby of the Dawn 2

Love surging like a wave!
Book 2 of the most fabulous fantasy romance.

Alto falls into the sea and is saved by Manieri, the warrior priest of the west. In the meantime, Elva is terribly anxious but unable to leave the southern sea, so he waits for the new moon – the only night when monsters don’t appear – and rushes to look for Alto.

When they finally meet again, Elva bursts into tears. Alto, unable to hold back his overwhelming love for him…

“Is it wrong to tell you how I feel?”
“I don’t need… love and romance.”

The more they are apart, the deeper their feelings become. The devoted doggy-like attendant and his unsociable cool master are rapidly getting closer in this second volume.


ShuCream Editor’s corner

The hoped-for second volume of the masterpiece of fantasy BL is now available digitally! What will happen to Alto and Elva, who got separated!? Their feelings for each other will surely capture your heart, and you can’t resist thinking of the secrets hidden inside this mysterious world. The 2nd volume will undoubtedly make you love this fantastic world and its love story even more!♡

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