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eBOOK Store Distribution Updates | ShuCream BL

eBOOK Store Distribution Updates | ShuCream BL

We are pleased to announce that 26 new online stores have been added to the list of platforms where you can read our manga! The updated list includes almost 30 positions. Now ShuCream’s titles are available not only on English-language Japanese ebook stores such as BookWalker, MangaPlaza, and MANGA.CLUB, but also on Japanese Kindle eBooks, Google Play Books, Rakuten kobo, animate Bookstore, FOD, and many other platforms.

The full list of all distribution channels where you can purchase the digital version of our manga translated into English is available below.

Currently, the following 10 titles can be purchased on any of the ebook stores mentioned above.

We are planning to extend the list of our digital distribution channels as well as titles in the future. Please keep following our updates for news and content. Enjoy reading manga with ShuCream!