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My Androgynous Mechanism

“You really love anal, don’t ya?”

Yoh Yukino is a beautiful intersex school student, and he’s dating his classmate Ichinomiya, a tough guy with a strong sex drive and a scary face. In school, Yukino meets fascinating honor student Tsuzuki, who tells him this secret and sexually abuses him. Yukino is upset, Ichinomiya burns with jealousy, and as a result, the two make passionate love. After a while, Yukino realizes the hasn’t got his period.

“I had never really given much thought to the idea of getting pregnant with a body like mine…”

ShuCream Editor’s corner

The second volume of romantic comedy of teenagers, with laughter and tears, is now on sale! You will get thrilled by the many obstacles that the lovey-dovey couple, Yukino and Ichinomiya, have to face, but the way their bond deepens will bring a lump to your throat! A little hectic student life along with physical features Yukino has… Enjoy their daily life full of drama to your heart’s content!

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