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Lullaby of the Dawn 3

“I want you to know that you are loved.”
“I have more than enough because you are so kind to me.”

It’s the first new moon night since they became lovers.

In Alto’s arms, Elva slowly releases the painful feelings he kept locked inside his heart for so long.

Their love for each other keeps growing, as does their desire… so they finally…?

Meanwhile, Alto discovers an unexpected secret at Letty’s hideaway. Will it bring them hope, or…?

The third volume of the series leads to a turning point in their love story and to a shock revelation about the mystery of the island…!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

The truth revealed in this volume will be sure to blow your mind!! A new volume which is absolutely not to be missed for the series fans and new readers is now available in English. If you’ve followed the love story of Alto & Elva so far, there’s no doubt that the degree to which their affection for each other grows in this volume will throb your heart. Enjoy the story, the intrigue of which keeps constantly growing with each book!

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