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Nectar 1

“Be nice to the one you love!”
“You’re straight. I can’t win against women.”

Leo is a host, but he can’t forget Takahiro – a male prostitute who initiated him to anal sex – and now he can’t have sex with women anymore because of him. He begs Takahiro to sleep with him again, and they start living together as an extension of being friends with benefits – every day is a two-people orgy!

Just when Leo starts thinking he may be falling in love, one of his best customers asks him to sleep with her. Takahiro catches him in the act and loses his cool, angrily screwing him right in front of his customer…?!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

The comic full of supreme eros is here for you! You cannot surely help but feel empathy for the process in which the sensual and impulsive relationship between Leo and Takahiro is changing gradually into a serious and mature one. Please watch over their cohabitation filled with sweet love and bitter conflict.😳

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