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Never Let Go

A unique talent’s striking debut!The “haves and have-nots” seek each other in the ultimate teen omegaverse.

I met a love I want to hold on to.

After causing a certain problem, Haruto transfers from an elite alpha school to a regular school. In the classroom filled with excitement over the out-of-season transfer, he meets the student council president, Miyabi, who, for some reason, is the only one who treats him harshly.

They have totally opposite personalities and circumstances, and, even though they reject each other, they also feel strong attraction. They gradually delve deep into each other’s hearts.

But Miyabi’s body, unable to resist Haruto’s pheromones, soon becomes uncontrollable…

Immature, painful, and fragile – the beautiful days of youth.

“I’ll never let go of you.”
“I always hated heat to death, but now…”

ShuCream Editor’s corner

Finally, you can enjoy the English version of the juvenile omegaverse BL that took the Japanese BL industry by storm! Once you start reading, your heart will be stolen by the supremely beautiful drawings! A teen romance infused with heartrending yet warm and sunny emotions will for sure fascinate you! Take pleasure in reading the first volume of this precious story of two opposite personalities falling in love!🥰

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