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Wails of the Bound ;β3

The brilliant Omegaverse Beta-Omega love story reaches its conclusion!

After mistaking Utou’s true intentions, Sasabe runs to Shiratori. He accepts his plea and draws his lips close to Sasabe’s nape. Sasabe’s desire “To be near the one he loves” and Utou’s “I want the one I love to be happy” tear them apart.

Sasabe’s mind seeks love, but his body seeks a bond. Even though he wants to live his life with Utou, he can’t even hug him now that he’s bonded with an Alpha.
Utou and Sasabe return to be boss and subordinate, in spite of their feelings for each other. While watching them, Shiratori recalls a certain memory…

Even if it goes against the rules of this world, even if my body rejects it… I want to be able to choose because I found love.

ShuCream Editor’s corner

Here is a superb happy ending that you can’t help but cry a river once you’ve read it! Because they are β and Ω, they weren’t meant to fall in love, but… In spite of the obstacles they had to overcome, they kept living desperately for each other and love. Please witness with your own eyes the ending fate has gifted them!😇

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