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A Kiss that Stains the Innocence

Prince Sirius, a naive son of the king and his concubine, asks rough mountain man Ombra for help.
Ten years earlier, the king burned Ombra’s village down, killing his parents. “He’s the target of my revenge. He can’t go back to his innocent childhood.” – Ombra is unsettled and conflicted by his newfound chance for revenge.
But Sirius, who can’t remember his past, doesn’t realize Ombra’s anguish, and starts being attracted to him…?

A love-hate story driven by destiny!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

No doubt you will love this thrilling story of reunion and revenge. As they spend time together, Ombra’s hatred against Sirius is melted by Sirius’ purity… and this will make you wonder what their feelings would be like. Want to get thrilled? This story will be perfect for you!😳

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