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I Won’t Say I Love You

Minami Nashimoto came to Tokyo to pursue his dream to become a porn actor, but his debut will be on a gay video?!
If that wasn’t enough, his colleague Yuma Honami, who becomes his trainer, is a sarcastic and unpleasant guy. He may be a star, but he’s too arrogant!
But, as he spends time with him, Minami realizes that Yuma won’t let anyone get close because he’s just a very awkward guy, and Minami starts feeling that he can’t leave him alone…

Cool and sadistic star actor & lively straight newcomer, from not-so-close colleagues to irreplaceable partners!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

Have you ever seen an idol group of pornstars?! In this manga, unpredictable comedy and unbelievably cute and pure love are perfectly balanced! If you see the blushing face of the bottom, your heart will definitely beat as fast as the top’s. Please enjoy this supreme romantic comedy with the characters depicted in their most charming way!🤗

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