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Scarlet Secret

Yamato lost his dear childhood friend Shiki, who was sacrificed during a ritual.
His unrequited love turns into obsession; he doesn’t want to believe that Shiki is dead, and many years later he finally manages to set foot in the sacred palace forbidden to men, in search of him.

“Shiki really is the reincarnation of goddess Himiko.”

Shiki was kept alive and made to inherit the superhuman power that will make him the king of the country.

“This time, I’ll be by your side to protect you.”

Yamato swears to repress his feelings and follow Shiki as his servant, but…

An unprecedented historical boys love…!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

Do you find What-if Stories interesting? Then, this alternate history BL manga is a must-read! The manga has attracted much attention because of the unique interpretation of the real history of ancient Japan. The story will fascinate you with a combination of a mysterious and magnificent world and a destined romance from the first pages!🥰

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