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This is But a Hell of a Dream

An inexperienced middle-aged incubus’s intensive sex training!

Pampering host x Innocent incubus

Despite being an incubus, Forni is not good at sexual matters, so he passes out in the street because of starvation and gets rescued by host Harumi, who takes him home.
That night, Forni sneaks into Harumi’s dream to have a meal (his semen), but it’s his first time and he doesn’t know how to do it, so Harumi ends up teaching him instead…!

“When it feels good, say it, okay?”

So, to help Forni get used to “sexy things”, they start living together – a life full of sweet excitement and first-time feelings…!

ShuCream Editor’s corner

A guy lying on the street turned out to be an incubus?! A well-liked host who doesn’t know true love & an incubus inexperienced and inept in sexual matters get absorbed in each other mentally and physically through erotic lessons. Their pair practices will make your heart pound for sure! Please enjoy the taste of the innocent yet enchanting middle-aged bottom!

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